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Meer haiku van Tranströmer (winnaar Nobelprijs-literatuur 2011).

De sparkar fotboll
plötsligt förvirring – bollen
flög över muren.
Pojken dricker mjölk
och somnar trygg i sin cell,
en moder av sten.
De väsnas ofta
för att skrämma tiden in
i snabbare lunk.
När rymmaren greps
bar han fickorna fulla
med kantareller.
Verkstädernas dån
och vakttornens tunga steg
förbryllade skogen.
Felstavade liv –
skönheten kvarlever som
Porten glider upp
vi står på anstaltsgården
i en ny årstid.
Murens lampor tänds –
nattflygaren ser en fläck
av overkligt ljus.
Natt – en långtradare
går förbi, internernas
drömmar i darrning.
spända i köldens rike
norr om all musik.
Uit de verzameling:  http://terebess.hu/english/haiku/transtromer.html
En de in het Engels vertaalde haiku/senryu:http://www.blackbird.vcu.edu/v10n1/poetry/crane_p/014pc_page.shtml , zoals deze:

The high-tension lines
taut in cold’s brittle kingdom
north of all music.

The white sun, training
alone, runs the long distance
to death’s blue mountains.

We need to exist
with the finely printed grass
and cellar-laughter.

The sun lies low now.
Our shadows are goliaths.
Soon shadow is all.

The orchid blossoms.
Oil tankers are gliding past.
And the moon is full.

Medieval fortress,
a foreign city, cold sphinx,
empty arenas.

Then the leaves whispered:
a wild boar plays the organ.
And the bells all rang.

And the night streams in
from east to west, traveling
in time with the moon.

A dragonfly pair
fastened to one another
went flickering past.

The presence of God.
In the tunnel of birdsong
a locked door opens.

Oak trees and the moon.
Light and mute constellations.
And the frigid sea.


Zie ook: http://www.fanvanfryslan.nl/?s=transtr%C3%B6mer


Tomas Tranströmer

Haiku poems from
The Great Mystery

The lamasery
with hanging gardens –
a battle-piece

Thoughts at a standstill:
in the palace yard

Standing on the balcony
in a cage of sunbeams –
like a rainbow

Humming in the mist –
a fishing boat out there:
trophy on the waters

The wall of hopelessness –
arriving and departing,
faceless pigeons

A stag basks in the sun –
flies flit and sew the shadow
on the ground

Shaggy pines
in this tragic swamp –
for ever and ever

November sun –
my gigantic shadow drifts,
becomes blurry

Death bends over me –
I’m a chess problem, and he
has the solution

Afterglow –
looking at me, tugboats
with bulldog‘s faces

Rifts and troll-paths
on the ledges –
the dream, an iceberg

Climbing up a hill
in the full blaze of the sun –
goats devour fire

In the library of half-wits,
a sermon-book on the shelf

He writes on and on…
glue flowing in the canals;
the ferry across the Styx

Thick forest
the abode of the penniless god –
the walls shine

A black-and-white magpie
jumps stubbornly, zigzags
across the fields

Cringing shadows…
we’re lost in this wood
among clans of morels

See me sitting calmly
like a beached skiff –
I’m happy here

The rising grass…
his face, a rune-stone
raised in memory

At a certain hour
the blind wind will rest
against the façades

Blazing sun here –
a mast with black sails
from the days of old

The roof cracks open
and a dead man sees me –
this face…

Hear the sough of rain…
I whisper a secret
so that I can get in

A scene on the platform –
such a strange calm
the inner voice

The sea is a wall –
I hear gulls scream
they wave to us

The divine tail-wind:
a soundless shot coming –
the prolonged dream

Ash-coloured silence –
the blue giant goes by,
cold breeze from the sea

Strong and slow wind
from the seaside library –
I’ll rest here

Translated from the Swedish by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

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